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Volume 7: 11/61 - 9/62
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Visit early issues of the Benton County Pioneer.  Explore fascinating historical events.   Bring early families back to life. 
 These annotated toc's are a word-searchable guide to the first 41 issues, from September, 1955, to September, 1962.  (The Pioneer has been published continuously for more than 46 years.) 
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Annotated Contents:

    Volume 7, No. 1      Nov., 1961
    "The Old Spanish Treasure Cave" by Mrs. H. F. (Pauline) Carnell) Part I pp 3-11, (6 small photos of the cave's interior and exterior precede).  This article begins by detailing the searches for buried treasure in this cave and gives the early owners, followed by a description of the cave's interior, features, followed by her memories of the Blankenship family history and stories of Sulphur Springs n the early 1900's; four early photos of Pritchard and Slinkard livery Stable are included; more family history and a picture of Charley and Mary Pritchard's house in 1908 with family members identified.

    Letter to Huey Huhn from Marvin Womack with a "Bird's Eye View" photo of Centerton Area 1908. Several homes identified.    Pp 12 & 13

    "Looking Back at Sweet Potatoes" by T.A. Winkleman.  History of the commercial production of this crop and Mr. Winkleman's comments on varieties and different growers. Pp14- 15.

    "Benton County's Biggest Apple Year" by T.A. Winkleman.  A history of Benton County's production and sales of apples, growers named, markets used, varieties grown.  Several large apple growers are identified. Pp 16 and 17.

    "Dan Mock - Everybody was his friend" Erwin Funk.  A drayman  and teamster, Mr. Mock was an early Rogers resident.  Brief biography. P. 17

    "Interesting Notes of Bentonville Schools in the past 117 Years from the Original Book" by Alan Seamster.  This article quotes "the Financial Condition of School District No.21." Warrants paid out in 1876.  Teachers and school board members are named. Pp. 19-21.

    "Civil War Pension Claims" 3 soldiers named: John Brannon, Sebastian Callahan, Hutchinson Murphy. P.22

    "Heileman - Lee - Putman etc. Families" by   Miss G. M. Lee. Bible record of James Carr Lee and Lottie Hickman Lee, p.23

Volume 7, No. 2   January, 1962
   "More About the Womacks" by Erwin Funk p.3 Lists well known Womacks who have lived in Arkansas.

    Letter to H.G. Huhn on the Burrell Horsley Family p.3 from Beryl Clark Horsley.  Family memories of Mrs. Clark, a former Rogers resident and family member.

    Letter to Clara Kennan from W.A. Burgess pp 5 & 6. Refers to the Horsley family  (Related to his mother), answers her previous questions about the bridge at Brightwater, railroads in northwest AR, and a brief account of his grandfather's and uncles murders during the Civil War (Dr. Benaji Lingow of Maysville).

    "School Days" pp 7-10 by Mrs. Fred Hawkins.  Her father, Marion Wilson Robinson, made the Sept. 16, 1893 run into OK Territory. (Photo of the crowds), other OK and Rogers memories.  Picture (identified) of Hawkins Kindergarten 1959-60 in Rogers.

    "The Golden Rule Building" Erwin Funk History of the building and several early tenants: E.R. Morgan; W.H. "Coin" Harvey,  Dr. J.C. Robinson, Dr. Rufus Rice, dentists Dr. A.M. Buckley,  Dr. F.M. Lowery, Dr. Albert Marshall, Dr. George Love, MD; Rogers Republican Newspaper, W. R. Cady, owner (later owners listed). J. J. Williamson, founder of the Famous Clothing Store (1907). Pp 12-19.

    The "Golden Rule Building Brought Up to Date" by Erwin Funk, pp 19-20.  A later writing in 1955 by Mr. Funk covering later changes to the building and his experiences with the YMCA during W.W.I and with other relief organizations later.

Vol. 7 No. 3    March, 1962
              Special Civil War Centennial Issue
   New Members, p 2

   Poem, by Amiel L. Riley,  p 3

   How the Plateau Got Its Name by Alvin Seamster.  p 4

   The First Reunion At Pea Ridge, September 1, 1887.  P 5

   Pension Records of Benton County. pp 6-8

   List of Soldiers Under Stand Watie, At Pea Ridge.  pp 9-12

   Leetown Destroyed By Battle of Pea Ridge, by Lois Snelling     Pp 13-15

   Tanneries In Bentonville.    P 16

   The Fourth Arkansas In Many Battles.  P 17

   Killed, Wounded, Missing, In 4th Arkansas Regiment, by Louise Plank. p 18

   List of Soldiers on Both Sides Who Fought In Battle of Pea Ridge.  pp 19-21

   Stories, by Ronald Rice, pp 22-23

   Murdered, by Vera Key, pp 24-26 

   Men In Battle at Pea Ridge, pp 27-29

   Early Benton County Veteran Settlers Who Served in the War, pp 30-39

   Confederate Soldiers Buried In Benton County, p 40

   Bentonville, pp 41-42

   Letters Written Home, by soldiers, pp 43-48

   Army Camps Located In Benton County During the Civil War pp 49-51

   Miscellaneous Records, by Samuel P. Woods.  p 52.

   Marker Report (fund raising), pp 53-54.

   Federal Soldiers of Southwest Missouri Under Curtis, pp 55-57.

   After Pea Ridge What, by Will Plank,       pp 58-62.

   Muster Roll of Company Organized by Larkin Bunch, 1861, pp 62-63

   Battle of Pea Ridge, in Plain Dealer"Extra", Danville, Iowa   pp 64-65

   Muster Roll of Fourth Arkansas, pp 66-71

   Soldiers at Pea Ridge, p 72

   Minutes of Last Meeting, p 73

   President's Message, p 75

Vol. 7 No 4       May, 1962 
   "Historical Markers" On the front cover of this issue: photo of the Dunigan's Farm and Pott's Hill markers. 

Photo of the Eagle Hotel marker, paid for and erected by the Pea Ridge Memorial Association.  P.3

   "A Man Who Was Not Afraid" (more about Rev. John Sam'l Hackler.  Also see Vol 5 #6, Sept. 1960 Pioneer pp 4-8 by Rev. C. H. Hatfield, friend. Circuit- riding Methodist pastor who covered a difficult area - Carroll, Madison and Newton Counties, AR during the 1880's and 1890's.

   Letter from R. Lee Mernaugh to the Society describing 8 years in Bentonville AR,. 1891 (between pages 12 and 13).

   Photo of the Confederate Reunion in Bentonville, AR 1891 (between pp 12 and 13).

   "Two Real Pioneer Families of Benton County,, Martin May and William Bud Keith"   pp 13-14, by Erwin Funk.  His response to a letter from great great granddaughter, Mrs. J. A. Lindsey of Midwest City, OK.  Mrs. Lindsey reports her research on the family. (William Bud Keith was Reynolds "Martin" May Sr.'s son-in-law.) This article includes a transcript of a Deed of Emancipation given by John H. May, Martin May's son, for Lewis, a Negro Man, dated 20 October 1855, and a deed for a slave woman, Lear, from John H. Phagan to William McDaniel.  (No relation to Mrs. Lindsey).

   Photo of Alvin Seamster and Major General Sherman T. Clinger at the Pea Ridge Memorial Service, 11 March 1962. (Between pp 14 and 15).

   "Power of Attorney, 1850 Style" Transcript. P.16 "Elizabeth P. Jefferson appoints William W. Jefferson her true and lawful attorney to recover from James Dickson's legatee (daughter) Jane Moore, such part of said legacy as Elizabeth Jefferson may be entitled..."

   "Early Benton County Marriage Licenses from Book A of the County Records" From 13 June 1867 to 5 March l868, pp 17 and 18.

   Photo of "Ceremony on Battlefield, March 1962, Prayer by Rev. Charles Reed" (between pp 18 and 19).

   "Post Offices in Benton County" by Alvin Seamster, pp 19-30, from Post Office Dept. There Were 99 Established Up to 1930.  "This Series Will Be Run Until the Entire Number Have Been Printed, Including Dates and Names of Postmasters."  Towns are Listed in Alphabetical order.  At the end of the listings are 21 additional post offices established in Benton County since 1836.

   Photo of "First Annual Fox Hunt , Heater Springs 1892.  Ten men on horses, identified.  Covered wagons in the background, fox hounds in the foreground (between pp 30 and 31).

   "Chronological Civil War Events in Arkansas" supplied by Louise Plank (All events starred are skirmishes, but all skirmishes are not starred.) Dates given for each.  Pp 31-35

   "My Branch of the Cole Family" pp 36-38 Alvin Seamster.  Stephen Cole and Mattie Hunter, immigrant ancestors (Photo between pp 36 and 37 of Jim, Henryetta, Cole and Bob Younger.) "Their mother was a sister of Zerelda Cole James, Mother of Frank and Jesse James."  Article outlines the Pea Ridge battle involvement of this family.

Vol. 7 No. 5     July, 1962
   "Schools" by Clara B. Kennan, pp 2-4.  This article includes 3 photocopies of school documents from Miss Kennan's collection: E.H. Dixon's Teacher's Certificate, dated 1872; J. D.  Covey's Teacher's License, 1888; and Miss Kennan's Teacher's License, dated 1913. Miss Kennan also supplied the cover picture for this issue, of Rocky Dell School, W. R. Edwards, teacher, 1902.  A friend of the school, Jesse Ferrel, stands beside Mr. Edwards in the photo.

   Photo of "Elm Springs Group of the Pea Ridge Memorial Association After the Dedication of the Marker on May 5, 1962" (author unidentified), between pp 4 and 5.  Article follows: "The Elm Springs Marker Dedication, D.D. Deaver, 5 May 1962"   History of Elm Springs, probably read at the dedication.  It contains family memories of Civil War days including the murders of John T. McCamey and George William Deaver by the enemy 21 March 1865.  Also on page 6: A short family history of W.L. Carden by his grandson Ezra F. Carden; a short family history of Joseph Buttry by his granddaughter, Nettie Buttry Carden.  Photo of the Elm Springs Marker between pp 6 and 7.

   "Fly Wheel of Van Winkle Sawmill Sold to Junk Man," by Erwin Funk. Article on the sale of the demolished flywheel, taken by Mr. Funk from another article written by Jay Iden, former well- known Rogers poet and correspondent, for a number of city newspapers.  Mr. Iden's source was Mr. Harvey Cowan, who worked as engineer with the wheel for years.  The article by Mr. Funk includes "Blackburn Saw Mill moved to Danville, AR", "War Eagle Flour Mill Destroyed by Fire 1924" and a map of the War Eagle area.  Pp 7,8,9.

   "Pioneer Days" pp 10, 11, 12 By W. R. Edwards, memories of his youth and teaching career in the Rocky Dell- Sulphur Springs area.

   "Descendants of Robert White" by Mrs. C. E. Moore. Family History. Pp 12, 13

   "Old Spanish Treasure Cave Part II" by Pauline Carnell, pp 14-24.  Tourism in the early 1900's in Sulphur Springs was enabled by the Kansas City Southern excursion trains.  A trip to this cave was a must for tourists.

   Photos of Kihlberg Hotel, Sulphur Springs, front and rear views, are between pp 14 and 15.  Additional family memories are included, followed by the author's memories of the Pritchard, Jacob Harris, Grinstead, and Shain Families.  Photos between pages 18 and 19 are of John and Mae Pritchard and of the three Pritchard girls, Sally, Stella and Eliza.  Another photo between pp 20 and 21 is of Mrs. Richard Tucker's private school, 1909 or 1910. Teacher and several students are identified.  Photos between pp 22 and 23 are of the home of Tom and Mollie Lindsey on Chalybeate Creek, and of Edward Shain, his team and sales wagon, about 1913.  Photo on page 24 is of John and Mae Pritchard, home and family.

   "Stephen B. Wing Died Last Night." pp 26 and 27.  Apple evaporator owner and fruit grower largely responsible for the fruit shipping industry that benefited this County for many years during the latter part of the nineteenth century. . Printed is the newspaper   (Democrat) account of his life and career.  Photo of Mr. Wing on page 26.

Vol. 7, No. 6        Sept., 1962
   Mc Kissick's Spring Historic Marker, cover photo of the marker

   New members listed, p 1

   Our Patriotic Songs, H.G. Huhn, p 1

   S. Dee Woods, In Memoriam, by Mrs. Storm O. Whaley, p 2

   Address Given by William J. Good, Associate Professor of Journalism, UofA, at Centerton on July 14, 1962, to dedicate the McKissick's Spring Civil War Historic Marker.  Briefly describes use of the spring and the area as a Union encampment before the Battle of Pea Ridge; focuses on a detailed description of Centerton and its people during the author's youth, in the early days of the 20th century. Pp 3-8

   Uncle Wade Sikes, memorial note with photo, by Miss Clara Kennan,   p 9 

   A Nice Note from Dr. E. E. Pickens of Kansas City, who began practicing in Benton County in 1899 and still considers Rogers his home, p 9

   Uncle "Rock" Dead - In memoriam of Aaron Van Winkle, "a trusted old servant of the late Peter Van Winkle, both before and after the war, and . . . he will be missed by . . . the heirs and grandchildren of Peter Van Winkle, deceased," by J.A.C. Blackburn,   p 10

   Are You Old Enough to Remember? Brief items on Benton County curiosities: e.g., a bank robbery, demolition of a water tower, a murder, opening of the Victory Theater in Rogers, note on Benton County's assessed valuation being among the lowest in the state, appearance of the Venetian gondola on the lake at Monte Ne, etc., by Erwin Funk, pp 11-13

    Rabbits by the Wagon Road - memories of a rural childhood, when rabbits could be clubbed along the fence rows after a snowfall and ricked in a wagon like firewood, by Nell Hawkins, p 13

    Benton County's Western Border in 1846 - two letters, including one to Stand Watie, reprinted by permission from Cherokee Cavaliers, by E.E. Dale, U of Okla Press, 1940: correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot family of Cherokee Indians, introduced by Miss Clara Kennan, pp 14-17

    The Alvin Seamster Historical Museum - A Historian's Delight - Detailing progress in collecting and housing an assortment of artifacts; announcing planned incorporation of the museum in the names of the author's five children.  Expected to be open to the public in September, on Hwy 62, just east of the National Park.  By Alvin Seamster, p 18

    Soldiers Buried in Centerton, Arkansas. Accounts of the McKissick family and farm, of deaths and burials of soldiers there and in the Centerton Cemetery, including both Union and Confederate.  Features Stephen T. Fair, and his records of the 2nd Cherokee Regiment.  By Alvin Seamster, pp 19-21

    Record of Dedication of the McKissick Spring Historic Marker (cover story, with photos). Summary of proceedings at the Methodist Church in Centerton, July 14, 1962, followed by visits to the nearby marker and spring, pp 22-23

    The Pea Ridge Memorial Association Reports on the Marker Project, by Elsa Vaught, p 24

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Benton County Historical Society, Saturday, July 14, 1962, p 25

   President's Message, by Henry J. Burke, ibc

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